Organizational Chart
Quality Assurance Plan
Vedvyas Crane Services
Inspection Procedure                                                                  ISO certificate     Quality Policy
Raw Material Identification
  Co-relation of heat nos of plate with Mill T.C, in absence of Mill T.C. Test samples are drawn from raw materials and tested at approved labs.
Welders qualification
  Welders are tested as per client's requirement.
  Welding is carried out as per drawing specified.
  •  For single 'V' or double 'V' joints, D.P test is carried out after each root run
  •  For fillet welds 10% D.P is carried out
  •  Other tests like Radiography etc are carried out as per Requirement of Client
Stage Inspection
  For each stage fitment inspection is carried out and clearance is being given for further processing.

T.C from approved lab.

  In case of assembly controlled dimensions are checked.
Final Inspection
  The job is inspected at final stage & are recorded in the formatted report and offered for client's inspection along with the inspection report & other relevant documents.
  After getting clearance from the client after final inspection, painting is carried out.
  Calibrated measuring instrument like measuring tapes, scales etc. are used for measuring purpose.
Quality Assurance Plan
  After getting the drawings along with the P.O, QAP is prepared and get approved by the concerned client if necessary.