Organizational Chart
Quality Assurance Plan
Vedvyas Crane Services
Production Process
The fabrication process begins with coordinating the steel to be fabricated with the steel stock. As per the drawing marking are made on the steel and it is cut to size by gas cutting or plasma cutting as steps given (1-4). The cut material is prepared for fitting by grinding the burrs, forming edge angles, bending etc as per drawing by welding tracks to construct the final piece as steps given (5A1-5A4). The component which needs to be assembled are machined in conventional power driven machine tools such as lathes, shaping etc as steps given (5B1-5B4). The machined component is fitted in assembly for second stage of welding which are again tested and the final assembly is sent for heat treatment and sand blasting is done as per client's requirement and the finished product is painted and sent for dispatch as shown is steps (7-10).